About Oavsett

What is Oavsett?

Oavsett is the name of our schoolproject in Finland & Sweden. We will be staying in Tampere, Finland from mid April until the beginning of May. We will make a registration of Media Culture 2020 and give technical assistance. After that we’ll stay at Floda31 in Sweden until the end of June. We’ll work on our own projects, collaborate with locals and study at the Umeå Institute of Design. Floda 31 is a place near Umeå founded by Rich Holland and Marije de Haas.

“Floda31 is a laboratory for innovation and creativity. We provide an environment that fosters new connections, networks and cross disciplinary encounters. We are established in the last remaining wilderness of Europe, on the site of a farm in northern Sweden surrounded by incredible views of ancient spruce forests, south of the arctic circle.”

We will be working at Floda 31, giving workshops and working together with other creatives. Work on projects at the Umeå Institute of Design, do our own projects and more to come.

Who are we?

We are 3 students from the Utrecht School of the Arts, an art academy located in the Netherlands. We study Image & Media Technology, a study that focuses mainly on short videos with a broad use of techniques. Stopmotion, 2d animation, motion graphics, live action, special effects, 3d animation etc. Our final products range from bumpers to title sequences and from commercials to music videos. We are experienced with filming, editing, visual effects and animation. We can cover the whole process, from the idea to the final video.

Hugo de Kok

Recently finished his internship at Filmmore: Visual Effects & Post Production



Edwin Haverkamp

Recently finished his internship at Circus Family, Audiovisual Design Studio



Kay van Vree

Recently finished his internship at Ruben van Leer, director in film, web and performance arts



Want to collaborate?

We would like to make ourselves as useful as we can when we’re in Sweden and learn a lot from the experience. Do you know any interesting projects that we could join or could you use our help? Commercial or non-commercial, feel free to contact us. We’re available from mid April till the end of June. We would love to hear from you.