Make Your Own Horror Trailer

  – THIS PAGE IS FROM 2013, SO YOU CAN’T SUBSCRIBE ANYMORE, SORRY! – Workshop Make your own Horror Trailer in 36 hours at Floda31 on June the 28th, 29th & 30th, 2013. What do we offer? Technical and software assistance from three film students, film gear (cameras, lights, audio equipment), housing, scenery for a horror… Read more

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Umeå Institute of Design

UID – Keeping Calm

From May until the beginning of June we’ve tutored Interaction Design master students of the Umeå Institute of Design. For their service design project called “Keeping Calm Supportive Radiotherapy Experiences for Children with Cancer” they had to develop concepts of how the treatment experience could be reshaped to more fully support the children and their… Read more

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Media Culture 2020

We made a registration video for the Erasmus Intensive Programma ‘Media Culture 2020′ in Tampere, Finland which took place from April the 15th until April the 28th. “Media Culture 2020 is an Erasmus Intensive Programme. The project demonstrates what 21th century converged and interactive European Media Culture could be. MC2020 breaks classroom and campus walls… Read more

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Applied Narrative Design leaders

During our stay in Sweden we worked on a series of leaders for a research program that our school, HKU, Utrecht School of the Arts has started. This research program is called Applied Narrative Design (AND) and researches how storytelling can be a way to develop meaningful applications in cultural and social contexts. AND builds… Read more

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During our stay we’re helping out Rich with stuff that needs to be done at Floda31, so we’ve been digging a foundation and mixing concrete. Besides that, we had fun with making a big camera obscura on the property.

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Always Look On the Bright Side of Lies

Always Look On the Bright Side of Lies is a project based on lies parents tell their children, for instance “If you swallow an apple seed, an apple tree will grow in your stomach”. We want to visualise some of those lies in a way that someone can benefit from the situation. For this project… Read more

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