Finished tutoring the Interaction Design Master students of the Umeå Institute of Design


This week the master students from Interaction Design of the Umeå Institute of Design presented their final concepts for the service design project called “Keeping Calm Supportive Radiotherapy Experiences for Children with Cancer” at the Umeå University Hospital. Doctors from Stockholm and Uppsala were flown in to attend these presentations in which they showed their concepts of how the treatment experience could be reshaped to more fully support the children and their families, and minimize their anxiety and worry. Which included interactive prototypes and videos. Since the beginning of May we helped them with storytelling, storyboards, Adobe After Effects and filming. Some of their concepts will be executed during the summer and implemented into the Radiation Design therapy at the Umeå University Hospital.

We had a great time tutoring these students who come from; America, China, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Japan, Poland and Sweden. It was fun to teach them, learn about what’s it like to study at UID with it’s amazing facilities and to attend the annual UID design talks and the graduation party. Best of luck ‘y’all’ and tack!

Here are their videos for the service design project ‘Keeping Calm’:

Concept video of “Kompis”

Team: Dongzhi Xia, Jacob Cyriac, Victor Woronowicz

Concept video of “Rémi”

Team: Desmond Wong, Johan Grönskog, Marie Johansson

Concept video of “Carry On”

Team: Lorena Leung, Marie Damgård, Yui Komatsu

Concept video of “Boost”

Team: Henriette Stykow, Jessica Williams, Karey Helms

More information about the Master’s Programme in Interaction Design can be found here



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