First week in Finland!


So we have been in Tampere (Finland) for a week now, making a video registration for
the Media Culture 2020 project at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). A project in which students from different countries develop and research European media cultures and try to develop a vision on what it might look like in 2020.

The last week we have been doing a lot of interviews with the teachers and students about the projects, cultures and their visions. Also we tried to capture the atmosphere of Tempere by going out on the street and make glider shots of the city and the people living here. TAMK has the biggest supply of video equipment we’ve ever seen and they’re cool about us using their stuff!

After school most of the students will get together to have a drink or go to a club, which have been great fun! We’ve met a lot of cool people during the week and done some great things. Like going to galleries, the new YLE tv studio, we went into a sauna and after that we jumped in an frozen lake. Which was quite the experience! After that we went to an observation tower, which had a wonderful view and the best donuts of the northern atmosphere.

We will check in with you next week! After that we are of to Sweden!



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