Arrival at Floda31



So, we are at Floda31 for almost 2 weeks now! We officially settled into our new workspace, which is awesome. Lots space, machines, tools, wood and a wonderful view. So all the ingredients to make some really cool stuff the upcoming months. The first week here we took it easy after a busy period in Finland, so we had some time to check out Floda31 and the surroundings. We went for a walk with a local girl who showed us a lot of great spots, like the wildest rapid of Europe and we got lost in the woods.

This week we’ve been working on the edit of the Media 2020 project which we did in Finland.
Lots of footage but we are almost finished! So we can step away from the computer and focus on some really great projects we are going to do with Peter Lundstrom and making a couple of videos for the HKU.
Yesterday was Edwins 26th birthday and Ellen made him a pink princess cake! Isn’t that adorable! ♥



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